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Do you fit into one of the four categories below? If the answer is YES then your family may be eligible to participate in ENDIA – Australia’s only pregnancy/birth cohort study looking at the causes of Type 1 Diabetes:


Category 1:

A pregnant woman with Type 1 Diabetes

Category 2:

A pregnant woman whose unborn baby's father has Type 1 Diabetes

Category 3:

Pregnant women with an existing child that has Type 1 Diabetes who will be a sibling of the expectant baby

Category 4:

A baby less than 6 months of age that has a parent or sibling with Type 1 Diabetes


If you fall into one of the above categories and would like more information about how you and your family can help to find the causes of Type 1 Diabetes, please contact us using the Contact form or email directly. If you leave your telephone number your local ENDIA representative will be in touch.

You can also watch our video, which gives more information about what participation in ENDIA involves.

Even if you’re not eligible to participate you can still help! Email this site to your friends and colleagues or spread the word by “Liking” our Facebook page.

If you are a healthcare profession and would like more information about ENDIA please visit our Professional Resources page.