Introducing our new lab tech Soi Law

The ENDIA study just keeps growing. We’ve had quite a few new people join our team recently, one of them being our new Lab Technician Soi Law. We spoke to Soi to learn more about what she does and why she supports ENDIA.


1. What is your role in the ENDIA study?

I’m a Lab Tech for the QLD branch of the study. My job involves coordinating with our Research Nurses Tracey Baskerville and Julianne Wilson for sample arrivals, processing and storage management.


2. What is your background?

I have a Bachelor of Science (Hons) and just submitted my PhD thesis. During my PhD, I worked with rheumatoid arthritis patients’ samples, mainly processing blood. The focus of my PhD was on rheumatoid arthritis antigen-specific CD4+ T cells in those suffering from the condition and those healthy individuals that are susceptible to it.


3. Why did you get involved in type 1 diabetes research?

My supervisor Professor Ranjeny Thomas, who is currently researching ways to identify individuals of risk of type 1 diabetes and monitoring patients’ responses to immunotherapy, offered me the Lab Tech position while I wait for my PhD thesis review from examiners. I thought this was a great opportunity, as I have a close friend living with type 1 diabetes and appreciate the opportunity to help in any way I can.


4. Why do you support ENDIA?

The ENDIA study is worthwhile because the samples from those living with type 1 diabetes and their family members will enable to the identification of biomarkers for early intervention in high risk individuals. In other words, it might help in finding ways to prevent type 1 diabetes.